Dr. Cynthia Morris

Update 5/20/2019 -  I have decided to retire my private counseling practice by July 26, 2019 and therefore am no longer accepting new clients.

I believe that all of us are able to solve life’s problems and achieve a fuller sense of self and our strengths as we meet success in facing life’s challenges. My therapeutic style is one of openness and acceptance as I utilize narrative, solution-oriented  approaches to facilitate a client’s strengths in co-creating a plan to develop their  personal growth.

My specialty is to help children and adolescents deal with normal developmental issues, and to increase problem-solving, decision-making, emotional management and interpersonal skills. I believe that parental support is essential in helping children deal with behavioral and emotional issues and therefore I will work closely to involve parents through family and individual counseling sessions.

Counseling Services  - all services can be provided bilingually (Spanish and English)

Individual Counseling – for children, adolescents and adults. I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief and loss, anger management and behavioral concerns. 

Parenting Support – I integrate parenting support in counseling children. My goal is to assist parents in helping their children become independent problem solvers through teaching communication skills that encourage independent thinking and behavior in children.

Group Counseling – for children and adolescents to deal with issues of anger management, loss and grief, being bullied in school, and social skill development.

Family Counseling – utilizing family systems theory, I am able to help families address family dynamics that are challenging and dysfunctional for family health.

Couples Counseling – for couples who need mediation and support when facing life’s challenges.

Servicios de Aconsejar 

Terapia para el individuo – para niños, adolescentes y adultos (especializada con tratamiento de depresión, ansiedad, ADHD, sentimientos de pérdida, manejo de la ira y comportamiento).

Apoyo de crianza de los hijos – ayuda para padres en la comunicación con sus hijos para enseñarles como ser independiente en sus habilidades de resolver problemas y con su comportamiento.

Terapia de grupo – para niños y adolescentes para ayudarles con problemas con enojo, pérdida, bullying, y el desarollo de habilidades sociales.

Terapia de la familia – ayuda para las familias con disfunción para mantener la salud de todos los miembros de la familia.

Terapia de pareja – ayuda y mediación para parejas con problemas.​